Hydro-Formed Metal Bellows
See services for Bellows Assemblies.

Size range


Inside Diameter:  .085 to 1.000
Outside Diameter: .150 to 1.700
Convolution Length: .030 to 3.000
Wall thickness: .0025 to .028
The above limitations vary by application and diameter.

Stainless Steel types 304, 304L, 306, 316L, 321, 347
Inconel Alloys type 600, 625, 718, x-750,
Hastelloy X, Nickel 200, Ni-Span C-902, Monel 400 &404,
Beryllium Copper C17200, Phosphor Bronze A, Brass 70-30,
Aluminum 6061 and many others including Titanium, Columbium 1% Zirconium, Haynes 25.

Stock Bellows: Mini-Flex maintains a large inventory of “Stock Bellows” for all industries. Contact Mini-Flex in the event a listed stock Bellows will not meet your exact requirements. We will search our entire database (1000’s) of in-stock bellows for a closer match.

Custom Bellows: Made as required. Use our selection of Stainless Steel Bellows as a guideline to our capabilities. Please go to the RFQ page and or fill out the specification form. It is very important you supply all maximum and minimum data. Pressed for time, call 805 644-1474.

Specification Form: Complete and fax to 805 656-7272 or submit by e-mail.

Design Guide: Tolerances, Capabilities, Formulas, Explanations to the Stock List column headings, and more.

Delivery: 1 to 3 days when Bellows are in stock and 2 to 6 weeks for custom Bellows when material is in stock. Add 12 to 15 weeks when material is not in stock. Delivery is dependent on current material availability and production conditions.

Drawings: Under Construction.

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